Metal and energy industry

Forest and paper industry

We serve the industry

Our customers include many leading industrial plants in Northern Finland and Northern Sweden. They operate in mining, forest industry, paper industry, metal industry and energy industry, especially as producers of renewable forms of energy.

Serving the growing mining industry


Mines and new mine mining undertakings need skilled partners. The prospects for the mining industry are especially promising in the Nordic countries and the Russian High North area. As new mining projects proceed, along come the increasing environmental and safety regulations.

Normaint Ltd is your expert partner for mechanical and predictive maintenance as well as project planning and execution. We know the demanding and delicate conditions of the north – the freezing temperatures as well as the nightless night.

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Rock solid partner for the metal industry

Metal industry

We know the metal industry well, as we have a long history of contract and project work in mechanical and predictive maintenance for the leading steel manufacturers in Northern Finland.

During our collaboration we have come to know the customers’ business and developed highly customised and comprehensive maintenance services with an active role in the maintenance process.

The importance of maintenance is also growing in the metal industry producing downstream products.

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All-round services for the forest and paper industries

Forest and paper

In the forest industry, our customers are the paper industry and other producers of downstream products, such as producers of biofuels.

The Normaint mechanical and predictive maintenance services aimed at the forest industry enable smooth-running processes in all conditions. In addition, we offer comprehensive project services.

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Comprehensive maintenance and project services

Energy industry

We offer comprehensive mechanical and predictive maintenance services and project services for the energy industry as well.

Our customers include several production plants producing biofuels such as bioethanol, biogas and biodiesel. Producers of water and wind power as well as power plants utilising peat, timber offcut and other wood based fuels also trust our services.

Our services help in the smooth production of renewable energy. Interested to hear more? Contact us!