Northern know-how for industrial needs

normaint ltd

Normaint Ltd is your northern service provider and partner for maintenance and condition monitoring, as well as founding or carrying out a change process of an industrial establishment.

We specialise in preventive, mechanical and predictive maintenance, and operating in the demanding, northern conditions. Our customer base consists of the leading industrial establishments in Northern Finland and Northern Sweden.

Productivity for our customers

We offer high quality service packages to help our customers increase their productivity and competitiveness in a sustainable way.

Strong expertise

We master the technical know-how as well as the northern conditions. Our strong expertise is built on years of practical experience.

People and the environment

In everything we do, we take into consideration both the environment and work safety. We educate, recycle and reuse.


Extensive experience and knowledge of the northern conditions


Expert industrial maintenance prevents fault situations and unnecessary downtime. Smooth and uninterrupted function raises productivity in all areas of production in the long run. Our maintenance operating model is preventative.

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Project services

We carry out all founding and change projects of industrial establishments from planning and procurement to transport, installation, commissioning and instruction. We offer you professionals with knowledge of the northern conditions and the services of our service centre.

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Condition monitoring

Our condition monitoring service measures, tracks and analyses the condition of machinery and equipment for timely maintenance in correct scope. We use the best quality wireless and wired indicators, such as Acoem Falcon, Acoem Eagle and Acoem MVX.

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Service centre services

The resources of our service centre in Kajaani are easily available and accessed both by train and truck. Our employees are highly experienced in the maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and equipment as well as working in an engineering workshop.

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Comprehensive services for industrial needs

Our customers are the metal industry, forest industry, paper industry, energy industry and mines.

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