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Increasing your competitiveness

Normaint Ltd as a company

The natural resources and the logistic possibilities constantly bring new infrastructure and industry to the north. Successful maintenance is key for the smooth function of the industry and effective capitalisation of resources.

At Normaint we offer our customers comprehensive industrial maintenance and project management to ensure uninterrupted function and highest productivity.

We serve the north

Competitiveness for the industry

Normaint Ltd was founded to bring together and deploy the expertise, know-how and technology of maintenance. We specialise in functions in the demanding conditions of the north.

Our aim is to increase the competitiveness of the industry with comprehensive maintenance, condition monitoring and project services.

We focus on preventive, mechanical and predictive maintenance, with which our customers can improve their productivity and competitiveness even when the production process itself has been maximally optimised. Our business is based on customer relationships: we improve the customer’s competitiveness sustainably and systematically.

We look into growth opportunities mainly in the High North area, which is where industry is significantly growing in the European Union, Scandinavia and Russia.

Experience and long-lasting customer relationships


  • We employ around 60 professionals
  • Residence in Kajaani, Finland
  • Offices in Raahe (Finland) and Luleå (Sweden)
  • Long term contracts with prominent customers
  • Growing towards the High North

We take into account the characteristics of the northern nature

Environment and work safety

The three main values of Normaint are trust, openness and keeping promises.

We adhere to these principals in all our actions, with the clients, our personnel as well as the environment.

Operating in the north means taking into account the delicate nature, respecting the local way of life and being responsible in energy consumption. In all our actions, we take into account the environment and the local society. We recycle and sort our waste and favour the repair of old parts for reuse, whenever possible.

Personnel working in demanding conditions also requires special attention. We take care of our employees’ work safety and make sure they have the most up-to-date knowledge by continuously educating them in work safety related matters.

In our operations we adhere to the following enterprise resource planning systems: ISO 9001 Quality control, ISO 14001 Environmental management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management, EN 1090 Steel construction standard and ISO 3834 Welding.

A place for a professional

Work at Normaint?

We need professionals who in addition to expert skills have the resources and wit to independently resolve challenges. Knowing how to meet the customer and recognise their need, and taking responsibility for the environment are naturally qualities we look for in our employees.

If you are experienced in maintenance customer relationships or have a strong desire to learn, fill in our Contact form in the Contact page. Should we not need more personnel at the time, we will save your application and contact you later.