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Service center services

Mechanical and predictive maintenance

uninterrupted operation with our help

We serve our customers in their production facilities or worksites in Northern Finland and Northern Sweden, utilising the possibilities provided by of our service centre in Kajaani. We focus on preventive, mechanical and predictive maintenance as well as comprehensive project services.

Expert maintenance increases productivity

Maintenance services

Expert industrial maintenance prevents fault situations and unnecessary downtime. Smooth and uninterrupted operation raises productivity in all areas of production in the long run.

We offer a comprehensive maintenance agreement as well as individual maintenance and service contracts according to the customer’s wishes. In addition to all-round maintenance we provide fault repair and downtime repair.

Maintenance service for all industries

We provide our services in the production plants utilising the possibilities of our service centre in Kajaani if needed. In all our work, we carefully take into account the workers’ work safety and take appropriate measures to protect the environment. We serve all fields of industry.

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Maintenance services

  • Mechanical and predictive maintenance
  • Preventive, periodic and curative maintenance
  • Maintenance downtime services
  • Conveyor services

Mechanical maintenance

  • Balancing
  • Alignment checks
  • Commissioning inspections
  • Downtime work

Failure repair

  • Immediate repair
  • Postponed repair
  • Shift repair

Our optical measuring instruments

  • Levelling instrument
  • Theodolite levelling instrument
  • Tacheometer
  • Liner laser instruments

We carry through projects - from beginning to end

Project services

We plan and carry through all projects from beginning to end. We help with establishment of production plants as well as changes in production and equipment transfer.

We manage the projects from planning and procurement to transport, installation, commissioning and instruction. We offer you professionals with knowledge of the northern conditions and the services of our service centre in Kajaani.

We take recycling, waste sorting and reuse into account

Environment and work safety is important to us. Our demolition services, for example, always take into account correct waste sorting and recycling and the possibility to reuse equipment.

For our customer, our project services ensure easy and carefree projects and the possibility to focus their resources on their core business.

With us your project is in the hands of experienced professionals. Contact us for more info!

Project services

  • Certified welding
  • Plastic welding
  • Industrial plumbing
  • Steel structures

Project management

  • Planning
  • Procurement planning and procurement
  • Delivery, installation and monitoring
  • Commissioning and commissioning instruction

Equipment transfer

  • Detachment and documentation
  • Repair and modernisation
  • Transport
  • Reinstallation

Deconstruction services

  • Deconstruction of machinery
  • Deconstruction of electrical and automation systems
  • Planning and separation while securing the function of a running plant
  • Special packages for transport and storage
  • Appropriate sorting and recycling – always
  • Environment friendly modernisation of equipment for reuse

Predictive maintenance – uninterrupted production

Condition monitoring

Our predictive maintenance service monitors the condition of machinery and equipment for timely maintenance in correct scope. We identify incipient faults, estimate safe production time and match the maintenance period with planned production downtime.

We offer vibration measurements and analysis, oil analysis, Thermacam thermal imaging, ultrasound measuring and many other measuring services. We identify the needs and plan the needed measurements accordingly.

We use high quality ACOEM measuring equipment

We use the best quality condition monitoring vibration measuring equipment, such as wireless and wired ACOEM FALCON, EAGLE ja MVX devices. It is also possible to attach sensors to ATEX 0 zones.

Our condition monitoring service ensures smooth and uninterrupted production and maintenance carried out sensibly at production downtimes.

Vibration measurement and analysis

  • Route measurements
  • Online measurements
  • Multichannel measurements
  • XPR analysis software

Our indicators

  • ACOEM FALCON for field measurements in condition monitoring
  • ACOEM EAGLE, for wireless online condition monitoring
  • ACOEM MVX for real time wired online condition monitoring
  • Dewesoft DS-NET for modular real time measuring

Oil analysis                                          

  • Particle analysis
  • Water content analysis
  • Viscosity
  • Stereo microscope analysis
  • Photographs of sample

Other measurements               

  • Ultrasound measurements
  • Thermal camera imaging
  • Stethoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Penetrant testing

The best industrial maintenance service in the north

Service centre services

Our own service centre in Kajaani brings flexibility to component maintenance and speeds up repair. The service centre has machine tools and cranes optimised for maintenance. The parts in need of maintenance are easy to transport to the service centre by train or truck.

Our repair workshop is perfect for the repair and maintenance of individual components, such as big transmissions, blowers and pumps. If necessary, we can build separate axially symmetrical items, such as axles.

Metal spraying for coating and maintenance

Worn out axles, bearing housing, wings and blades can be coated with a corrosion or wear resistant material in our premises. Metal spraying can be used to coat the part with a wear resistant material or fix worn out parts of machinery by spraying the wanted parts with an additive, and then working the part into correct functional measures. When old parts are repaired, there is no need to manufacture expensive new parts. This is also an environment friendly approach.

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Premises and equipment

  • Easy access by train or truck
  • Cranes
  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing of individual parts

Maintenance and repair

  • Component maintenance
  • Turnery and milling
  • Balancing and alignement
  • Fitting with bearings
  • Coating with metal spray
  • Repair welding of structures
  • Spare part service

We repair e.g.

  • Transmissions, engines and compressors
  • Rollers and blades
  • Pumps and blowers