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Tehdaskatu 15, Rata 3 C 31
87100 Kajaani

Kajaani, postal address

Tehdaskatu 15 P 6
87100 Kajaani


Rautaruukintie 155/245
92100 Raahe


Normaint Sverige AB
Handelsvägen 11
97345 Luleå


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Contact persons

Pauli Harila

Sales Manager
Tel. +358 50 598 8064

Juha Alapartanen

Tel. +358  40 6820804

Tarja Huovinen

Accounting, assistant
Tel. +358 40 736 9455

Normaint Sverige AB Luleå

Pauli Harila

Normaint Sverige Ab, CEO
Tel. +358 50 598 8064

Johan Sturk

Country Manager
Tel. +46 70 656 5149

Johan Vikström

Project Manager
Tel. +46 70 656 5196

Invoicing addresses

We want to save the environment also by reducing the amount of paper, so we have switched to electronic invoices. We hope to receive all invoices in electrical form.

If your company does not have the possibility to send e-invoices or use our email invoice address, you can use the scanning service for paper invoices. We do not accept paper invoices at our postal address.

The scanning service only accepts invoices and attachments to invoices. Other material is not conveyed through the scanning service. When you send invoices through the scanning service please make sure that the address on both the invoice and the envelope is explicit.

Normaint Ltd
Business ID: 2581120-5

1. E-invoices

E-invoice address:FI5318433000004484
Operator: Nordea (NDEAFIHH)
Message format: Finvoice

2. Sending invoices via email

a) Write the following address on the invoice:
Normaint Ltd
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan
b) Send the invoice as an email attachment in PDF format. If there are attachment pages, make sure they are in the same file with the invoice and that the maximum file size is 5MB/file.

Invoice address:

3. Sending paper invoices to the scanning service

Write the following address on both the invoice and the envelope:

Normaint Ltd
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan